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Sour Apple-tini

Sour Apple-tini

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A cocktail that taste like a carmel apple lollipop! It has just a touch of of sourness and the right amount of sweetness. Super easy to whip up without any prepping!MORE+LESS-

Updated December 25, 2014


ounces Sour Apple Pucker


red fruit gusher to garnish

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    Rub the rim of the glass with a lime wedge. Then dip the glass into a plate of edible gold stars or glitter.

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    In a cocktail shaker with ice, pour the apple juice and Sour Apple Pucker in and shake several times. Strain into the glittered rimmed martini glass.

  • 3

    Drop in a red Fruit Gusher for a little luck.

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More About This Recipe

  • Back in the day when I first started testing my luck with cocktails, I would use Puckers to add a little splash of flavor or color.

    I always strive to make drinks that use super fresh ingredients, but if time is an issue and you don't have fresh fruit on hand, it's okay to take a few short cuts. Recently, I had a hankering to create an apple cocktail that's extremely easy to make and doesn't take much prep time.

    I also wanted it to be festive for St. Patrick's Day.

    I added Sour Apple Pucker and apple juice into a cocktail shaker and shook it with ice, so it was nice and chilled. It wasn't too strong and tasted similar to one of those caramel apple lollipops! To add a little dash of splash to the drink, I dropped in a Fruit Gusher!

    You can also garnish the rim of the glass with edible gold glitter to add even more St. Patty's Day charm.

    Sugar and Charm shares her love for entertaining, baking and design on her own blog, sugarandcharm. Check her Tablespoon member profile for great new recipes!

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