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Banana smoothie with royal jelly

Banana smoothie with royal jelly

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A smoothie that can be served for breakfast or as a snack!

  • 1 medium peeled banana, cut into large pieces
  • a few nuts broken into pieces
  • 5 ml royal jelly
  • 3/4 glass of milk at room temperature

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Banana smoothie with royal jelly:

Mix the ingredients with the help of a blender, until the smoothie has the consistency of a fluid puree.

Serve cold or at room temperature and garnish with pieces of walnuts.

Royal jelly brings many benefits to the body if consumed properly, being able to prevent or even treat many diseases. It is used because it stimulates memory and concentration, strengthens immunity, is useful for depression or stress and much more.

1. The benefits of royal jelly for immunity

Royal jelly is ideal for people who have low immunity and want to strengthen their immune system, increasing the body's resistance to colds and flu.

2. Royal jelly is good for the nervous system

Royal jelly is a reliable ally that will help you fight depression and stress. It is also beneficial for people with Alzheimer's because it contains acetylcholine, a substance whose degradation is associated with memory loss and symptoms of degenerative disease.

Royal jelly contains phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, phenylanalin, tryptophan, stimulating memory and the ability to concentrate. Thus, when you have an important exam, a presentation at work to obtain a new position or any other event that requires your ability to remember and concentrate, it is advisable to follow a royal jelly cure.

3. Royal jelly helps to increase the lifespan of the beings that feed on it

Royal jelly helps to increase the lifespan of the beings that feed on it properly. This can be highlighted by the lifespan of queen bees that have a lifespan of 4 to 6 years. Compared to worker bees that have a lifespan of 5 to 8 weeks, queens have a lifespan of more than 50 times longer than other bees that do not consume royal jelly.

Royal jelly has an anti-aging effect, stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, gives elasticity, firmness and radiance to the skin.

4. The benefits of royal jelly on high cholesterol

Numerous studies have shown that daily administration of royal jelly brings a decrease in bad cholesterol, thus preventing a number of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks and even strokes.

5. Royal jelly helps regulate blood pressure

Royal jelly is a good vasodilator and helps reduce the pressure on the blood vessels in the body.

6. The benefits of royal jelly for people with diabetes

Numerous studies worldwide have shown that royal jelly helps lower blood sugar in the body, thus being useful to people suffering from diabetes.

7. Royal jelly helps to regulate weight

Royal jelly contains lecithin which helps dissolve fats, lowers cholesterol, stimulates digestion and thus helps in weight loss.

8. The benefits of royal jelly for the digestive system

Royal jelly is indicated for digestive system problems such as decreased gastric acidity, restoration of the lining of the digestive tract and is used as a treatment for gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

The extraordinary benefits for the body that royal jelly has

The complete food and bee product with the most complex and varied nutritional profile, royal jelly contains almost all the nutrients needed by the body and is the only natural source of 10-HDA acid and acetylcholine, essential nutrients for the human body, but impossible to synthesize by it. . The ancient Greeks and Egyptians considered it a miraculous product that would allow them to live without ever getting old.

In its pure state, royal jelly looks like a yellowish-white cream, with the appearance of condensed milk, sour and slightly astringent taste, with a characteristic smell. It is the only food that the queen of the hive feeds on all her life and which ensures 4-5 years of healthy living, unlike the rest of the working bees, which have a life of only 45 days.

& bdquoI recommend the introduction of royal jelly & icircn diet, this for the special nutritional qualities that this bee product has, but especially for its therapeutic properties. We observed very good results in patients who had food deficiencies, low energy levels and poor general condition. Consumed in its purest form, milk improves health on all levels& rdquo, says nutritionist-dietitian Liana Conţiu for & bdquoWhat is happening, doctor?! & rdquo.

Among the most important therapeutic effects of royal jelly are:

- Improves the body's own defense mechanisms

- role of neurotransmitter, with vitalizing effects for the brain

- corrects hormonal imbalances

- restores nerve cells and slows down degenerative processes

- prevents the formation of cancerous tumors

- stimulates intellectual performance

- general tonic-energizer, fights physical and mental fatigue

- antioxidant and natural broad-spectrum antibiotic

The therapeutic efficacy and benefits of pure royal jelly are guaranteed by a quantity of 2% 10-HDA acid, certified by laboratory analyzes. This unique biological compound has anti-infective, antiviral and antibacterial properties that strengthen the immune system and nervous system. 10-HDA stimulates the production of lymph cells and antibodies, is a powerful regenerator of stem cells and helps eliminate free radicals. In addition, it is easy to assimilate and well tolerated by the body because it does not require digestion.

Royal jelly can be consumed internally or externally, depending on needs and health. It is recommended that treatment be preceded by testing for possible side effects or allergies. Therefore, a small amount of royal jelly is used at the beginning, but gradually it increases.

Internally, the best therapeutic effects are obtained by administering a daily maintenance dose of 1g / day for adults and 0.5g / day for children. After each treatment, a break of 1-2 months is recommended. In exceptional cases, higher doses of royal jelly can also be administered, but only on the recommendation of the doctor with skills in apiphytotherapy.

Externally, milk can be used in the form of masks to maintain healthy skin.

Royal jelly is preferably consumed on an empty stomach for a quarter of an hour before a meal, and the best results are obtained if the product is in its pure state, as collected from the hive and without having undergone any processing or transformation.

Safe remedies for restoring emotional balance

When you are always dissatisfied, when you have the feeling that nothing is going the way you want, the "cures" purchased from nature's pharmacy help you to find in yourself the joy of living.

The flower of passion drives away insomnia

Passion flower or Passiflora is recognized as a plant with a sedative and tranquilizing effect, being recommended in case of insomnia and nervousness. German researchers at the University of Wurtzburg (Bavaria, Germany) have found that when administered to people experiencing insomnia, the passion flower induces a restful, relaxing sleep, relieves nervous agitation and anxiety. Moreover, the treatment does not generate addiction.

In such situations, German specialists recommend Passiflora tincture or tablets. These can be purchased from Plafar stores. The treatment must be followed exactly as indicated in the package leaflet.

Don't ignore cinnamon!

Even the aroma of cinnamon inspires good cheer. Regardless of how we use it, whether we add it to tea, mulled wine or use it in the preparation of cakes, this spice is a tonic for the body, helping to remove apathy and fatigue. The infusion, prepared from a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 300 ml of boiling water, can be used as an inhalation and has an excellent effect on mental tone.

Another infusion can also be obtained from cinnamon powder mixed with two or three cloves and a teaspoon of ginger and honey (to taste). The liqueur that is drunk in the morning, instead of coffee, invigorates us and, in addition, contributes to the increase of immunity.

Royal jelly is energizing

In demanding times, anyone can count on the effect of pure royal jelly. Considered the most effective remedy prepared in the hive pharmacy, pure royal jelly, rich in B-complex vitamins (respectively B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 and B12), removes the state of restlessness and irascibility. Especially in the case of people affected by stress and those who make intense, long-term intellectual efforts, a cure with pure royal jelly, followed by an interval of two months, has an energizing action, stimulating the regeneration of nerve cells.

Mix 10 g of pure royal jelly with 300 g of honey. Take two tablespoons of this mixture in the morning before breakfast. When administered sublingually (under the tongue), the cure has faster effects.

Basil gives you optimism

Although it is known more as an aromatic plant, basil is a medicinal plant with proven effects on the psyche. Used fresh, the leaves of the plant contain a significant amount of vitamins (A and C) and rosmarinic acid, which give the basil antioxidant, calming and revitalizing properties, beneficial for maintaining emotional balance.

Basil preparations (powder, concentrated decoction, syrup, tincture and volatile oil) are effective in treating nervous conditions such as migraines, anxiety, insomnia or neurosis. A very effective remedy, at hand, is the therapy with four teaspoons of powder that are drunk with water during a day, an interval of two weeks. It has been found that after the first four to five days of treatment, the mood of depressed people visibly improves.

The scent of flowers treats malaise

Stress and bad mood can be eliminated with the help of essential oils. Massage your temples, forehead, wrists and wrists with orange or mint essential oil and your mood will improve soon. Also, moisten a cotton swab with a little rose oil, inhale three or four times, to relax in tense situations.

Acacia honey "burns" fear

In a recent study published in Sweden, researchers found that the feeling of fear increases the acidity of the stomach, stimulating the appearance of reflux on the esophagus. People who live "with fear in their breasts" all the time, as the people say, are four times more likely to get a stomach ulcer than people who do not have a permanent sense of anxiety. Acacia honey is a safe remedy that can "burn" fear in the case of people suffocated by fear.

Every day, cowards should consume two or three teaspoons of acacia honey and at least one liter of tea (lime and acacia mixed, one teaspoon of each plant in a cup of water). Therapy can be continued until the health improves.

Eating bananas helps you learn and soothes heartburn

During the exams, a few days cure, in which to eat 2-3 bananas a day is welcome. Bananas keep your brain in top shape, and high potassium content helps you focus better and retain more data. During times of stress, the metabolism accelerates and the level of potassium in the body decreases, so you need an additional source of potassium - banana is a delicious and natural source!

In addition to these benefits, Bananas have an extremely beneficial antacid effect for people suffering from ulcers or heartburn. If you do not have an antacid medicine at hand, eat a banana or drink a natural shake from a banana and a cup of milk and your pain will calm down!

Royal jelly, an essential product for health

Few people know the full potential of bee products for human health. Maybe they are even more valuable than gold, metaphorically speaking. However, therapists warn us that, in order to benefit from the full healing potential of bee products, it is very important to use the correct way of managing them.
Among the hive products, royal jelly it is the least known and is often confused with propolis. While propolis is produced and used for disinfection and maintenance of the hive, royal jelly is used to feed the hive queen.
Royal jelly is produced by hypopharyngeal glands of working bees. Working bees feed on royal jelly for the first three days, while the queen feeds exclusively on milk all her life. As a result, the queen grows in double volume compared to a worker bee and lives 4-5 years, while the worker bee lives a maximum of 2 months.

Why is it royal jelly a superfood?

Recent studies show that it is very rich in pro-hormones (precursors of human hormones), vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antimicrobial substances.
Contains water, about 10-15% protein, 10-15% carbohydrates, 5% lipids, 2% other substances. It has everyone in its composition essential amino acids and acids with antitumor action (10-hydroxy 2-decenoic acid), enzymes and co-enzymes, an insulin-type peptide, which recommends it in diabetes regardless of type, heterocyclic substances, acetylcholine (important neurotransmitter), trace elements (potassium, phosphorus , iron, calcium, silicon), vitamins. Vitamin B complex is best represented.
It has a significant content of acetylcholine, which acts as a neurotransmitter. This substance is essential for the health of the nervous system. It cannot be found in any other natural product. This explains the fact that royal jelly improves the mental health score of the elderly and gives them a good mood salt. Royal jelly also has good results in dementia.

Allopathic medicine uses medicines to increase acetylcholine levels (especially Alzheimer's disease), but no medicine can compete with royal jelly, which in addition to acetyl choline also contains numerous bioactive substances that ensure an effective action of acetylcholine, without the occurrence of other side effects.

Studies highlighting the properties of royal jelly made by researchers around the world

The Japanese at Nagaragawa Research Center have reported some very interesting studies for the elderly. One, performed on mice, showed that oral administration of royal jelly for 9 weeks led to an increase in bone weight, the amount of bone procollagen and the amount of ash from burning bones.
The study demonstrated what was suspected in human medical clinical practice that milk stimulates the formation of bone organic matrix and its mineralization, being useful in osteopenia, osteoporosis, fractures, other diseases that require ossification.

The most interesting was a double-blind clinical study, performed on 60 elderly volunteers, between 60 and 78 years old. For 6 months, half of them received 3 g of royal jelly dissolved in a juice daily, those in the control half drank the simple juice. Numerous blood tests and a psychological examination were performed. In the end, the main results in the group that took milk were the following: the mental health score has improved (instead, the usual decrease in age was maintained in the control group), increased red blood cell count and hematocrit, increased insulin index, and decreased morning blood glucose (a-young).
Other Japanese research has shown that depression is associated with a decrease in the rate of diurnal neural multiplication in the deep area of ​​the brain (hippocampus). Other Japanese research has shown the ability of royal jelly to determine the emergence of new neurons, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes, which grow from nerve stem cells. Which supports something already known in practice, namely its antidepressant effects.

Regarding Alzheimer's, in Japan there has been talk for several years about the presence of an amyloid that would trigger the appearance of the disease. It is also known that aluminum is involved, which, unfortunately, is so present in the food and cosmetics industry. In September 2012, in the USA, Suzana la Monte, a neuropathologist at Alpert Medical School at Brown University (Rhode Island), launched the hypothesis that Alzheimer's disease could be a metabolic disorder, the result of inappropriate diets with neurological expression. Some specialists have rushed to rename this disease Type 3 diabetes. Therapists recommend in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease raw royal jelly (3-4 ml / day), raw pollen (4-6 teaspoons / day), zeolite (remove excess metals , including aluminum) and proper diet.

Results obtained after the administration of royal jelly by Dr. Korozs Erika, naturist-phytotherapist

Over the years it has been observed that most of that cures it with mother bee milk increases the ability to concentrate.
According to some students, the consumption of large amounts of royal jelly during the session had a positive effect, being able to store information more easily.
Royal jelly contains biogenic substances that play a role in normalizing hormonal activity, helping in particular to synthesize those hormones that the body does not secrete in sufficient quantities.
Royal jelly has been found to be a good dietary supplement for postmenopausal women who have low estrogen levels, or for women who are experiencing infertility, helping them to become pregnant and maintain pregnancy.
They were obtained very good results in the treatment of infertility in women who had previously undergone synthetic hormone treatments without any results.
Also, with royal jelly, positive results were obtained in the recovery of insomnia, depression and fatigue in menopausal women.
Due to the complex effect of royal jelly, it was found increase in milk secretion in lactating women. Royal jelly brings an important intake of vitamins and minerals and has a positive effect in stimulating the mammary glands.

Following administration royal jelly were observed improvements in muscle inflammation. In a patient with a painful elbow condition, which persisted for years, he disappeared permanently after a treatment with royal jelly, a treatment that had been prescribed for overwork. Positive results were also observed in osteoporosis.

Royal jelly is a powerful cardiotonic, having beneficial effects on the heart muscle and blood vessels. It is used with good results in reducing high blood pressure.
This invaluable hive product is also helpful in protecting the liver, but has been used successfully in the treatment of duodenal ulcers.
The special effect of royal jelly in improving physical capacity was observed especially in children. In neonatal pediatrics, weight gain was observed even in premature babies, who were given no hope.
Also, following the treatment with royal jelly, the weakened elderly gain strength, increase their appetite and have a better mental state.
Stressful situations are inevitable and we experience them every day. How we react to them depends on how tolerant we are to stress. Royal jelly also helps in this situation.

Cosmetic treatments with royal jelly

Royal jelly has also been used successfully in cosmetic treatments. It can be applied directly to the skin, giving it smoothness and removing stains. It can compete with any cosmetic product. It can be mixed with other natural products, thus obtaining masks or creams.

After several years of research and observations, scientists have come to the conclusion that royal jelly has no side effects even in case of overdose, moreover, in some cases it is recommended to administer a dose of shock. The only contraindication is in the case of allergies to bee products.
Japanese scientists have managed to cure severe diseases, such as cancer, with royal jelly. Royal jelly is not a medicine but it is a very effective nutritional supplement (perhaps the most effective) in relieving many ailments. During the administration of this product, metabolic functions are improved, and toxins are eliminated from the body.
In conclusion, we can say that royal jelly is an excellent stimulant, helps to strengthen and balance the body and ensures a state of well-being.

Acai health benefits

The health benefits of acai berries come from their nutritional content. In addition, they have no cholesterol and contain very little sodium. On the other hand, these fruits have a significant and beneficial content of fiber and protein, plus vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, iron and an impressive number of other minerals and antioxidants.

Body weight control: Acai may not be a miraculous weight loss supplement, as some manufacturers have claimed, but it can help in a healthy way to lose weight sustainably and maintain body weight. That's because acai berries are low in calories and high in fiber. They can help you feel full for longer, while providing important nutrients. As part of a healthy diet and regular exercise program, acai can help you maintain a healthy body mass.

Antioxidants: Free radicals are those small, bad molecules that can damage DNA. These damages, as they accumulate, can create all sorts of problems, from premature aging to cancer.

Antioxidants are compounds that destroy free radicals before they have a chance to become harmful to you. Acai berries have more antioxidants than almost all foods that contain high levels of these useful compounds, including red wine, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. These antioxidants found in Acai fruits are called anthocyanins and flavonoids.

Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis consists of thickening and stiffening of the arteries, being a major cause of heart disease. Acai has been shown to prevent this stiffening with its anti-inflammatory properties. According to research, it seems that acai juice can inhibit cytokines, compounds involved in the development of atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol: Laboratory studies on guinea pigs have shown that by including acai in the diet can improve the lipid profile, so, implicitly, cholesterol. Guinea pigs fed acai in a high-fat diet showed improvements in cholesterol levels.

Healthy fats: Acai berries contain significant amounts of monounsaturated fats, especially oleic acid. These are healthy fats that can help regulate cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of developing heart disease. These fats are also known to regulate blood sugar and insulin. For people with type 2 diabetes it is very important to consume as much monounsaturated fat as possible. Oleic acid is also responsible for maintaining supple cell membranes. This allows the cells to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

We all love chocolate! Did you know that the first chocolate factory in the world was founded in Barcelona?
From here we have the first TRUE BLACK CHOCOLATE. 100% PURE COCOA from ecologically certified crops. Chocolate Chocolates Sole is produced in BARCELONA, SPAIN and distributed in Romania through the store with fast delivery and payment by courier. Dark chocolate does not fatten and is recommended by nutritionists for heart health and tone. See other varieties (including hot peppers, coffee, ginger, pomegranate, stevia or marzipan).

Proteins: Acai berries have an almost complete protein profile. A complete protein profile contains all the amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins) that the body cannot produce on its own. The main foods with a complete protein profile are meat, dairy and soy. Acai contains almost all the necessary amino acids, so it has a more complete protein profile than most fruits.
Foods like acai and chia are classic energy providers: each provides long-term healthy fats, minerals and antioxidants, without creating pressure on the digestive tract. By adding some easy-to-digest proteins, such as hemp seeds, and a few simple carbohydrates from bananas and coconut water, you can create an excellent nutritious fuel.

Dehydrated fruits such as acai, chokeberry, lucuma, acerola are turned into powder to facilitate their administration. So you can sprinkle organic fruit powders in water, juices, yogurt, breakfast cereals, shakes, smoothies, lemonades, cakes, desserts, raw-vegan menus and more! Your creativity will be rewarded by the richness of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants beneficial to health! You can find such organic dehydrated fruits in the online store with Fast Delivery by Courier!

Recipes for acai smoothies

Smoothie with bananas, chia, hemp

& # 8211 2 frozen bananas
& # 8211 2 tablespoons acai powder
& # 8211 2 tablespoons chia seeds
& # 8211 3 tablespoons hemp seeds
& # 8211 2 tablespoons coconut water powder
& # 8211 2 cups water
Mix all ingredients in a blender.

BIO DIETARY smoothies with low calories. They are recommended to go to the gym, in the park, to work, on trips. Choose from several options. GREEN SMOOTHIES (with kale, spinach, Matcha green tea, barley grass) and colorful SMOOTHIES with Organic fruits (mango, passion fruit, strawberries, blueberries). They are AVAILABLE with fast delivery and courier payment in the site

Acai, strawberry and blueberry smoothie

& # 8211 10 strawberries
& # 8211 1/2 cup blueberries
& # 8211 1 serving (100 g) frozen acai fruit puree OR 30 ml acai juice
& # 8211 1 peeled banana
& # 8211 3 cups of baby kale
& # 8211 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
& # 8211 236 ml unsweetened almond milk
Start by adding the liquid ingredients in a blender, then add the soft fruit. Stir at high speed for 30 seconds or until smoothie becomes creamy.
Nutritional information
Calories: 383
Fats: 8 g
Protein: 10 g
Fiber: 15.2 g
Carbohydrates: 63 g
Calcium: 25% RDA (Recommended Daily Intake)
Iron: 3.3 mg
Folic acid: 56.8 mcg
Vitamin A: 97% RDA
Vitamin C: 256% RDA
This smoothie is also a rich source of vitamin B6, as well as copper, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Green smoothie recipe with chocolate, acai and strawberries

& # 8211 1 peeled banana
& # 8211 1 bag of frozen acai puree
& # 8211 1 tablespoon raw cocoa powder
& # 8211 3 baby spinach cups
& # 8211 6 medium strawberries
& # 8211 236 ml homemade almond milk
Nutritional information
Calories: 287
Fats: 8 g
Protein: 9 g
Carbohydrates: 43 g
Fiber: 11.1 g
Calcium: 13% RDA (Recommended Daily Intake)
Iron: 3.6 mg
Folic acid: 215.5 mcg
Vitamin A: 93% RDA
Vitamin C: 110% RDA
In addition, this smoothie is a rich source of vitamins B1 to B6, vitamin K, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

How to make Father Elefterie's natural cure for immunity


  • 4 g royal jelly
  • 1 kg of natural acacia honey
  • 300 g ground pollen
  • 150 g of propolis tincture
  • 200 ml saline

Method of preparation:

Mix the ingredients well in a glass container with a wooden spoon. The mixture is kept in a jar, which is sealed and stored in the refrigerator. This remedy is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening. Put a spoon in the tea or consume it as such. This amount is enough for 30 days of treatment.

Father Elefterie's cure prevents the risk of liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases

Royal jelly and acacia honey help reduce the incidence of cardiovascular, liver and kidney diseases, and stimulate the immune system. Primele efecte vizibile apar după primele 2-3 săptămâni de la începerea tratamentului. Tratamentul natural redă energia și diminuează totodată senzația de oboseală.

Ce alimente previn anemia

O dietă alimentară sănătoasă este o condiţie de bază pentru pacienţii cu anemie. Este vital ca aceasta să includă alimente bogate în vitamina B12, acid folic şi vitamina C, pe lângă cel mai important element, fierul.

O dietă inteligentă care te ajută să previi anemia va include carne roşie, ouă, produse cerealiere, precum pâine neagră şi pastele integrale, broccoli, spanac, gulie, fasole, mazăre, linte, prune, coacăze, smochine, peşte şi crustacee.

Pentru absorbţia corectă a acidului folic, este indicat să consumi şi alimente bogate în zinc. Ficatul, carnea, ouăle şi legumele pot fi consumate pentru a preveni anemia cauzată de lipsa acidului folic.

Vitamina C ajută la absorbţia fierului din leguminoase, astfel că o dietă care include citrice, sparanghel şi ardei gras este esenţială pentru absorbţia fierului şi prevenirea anemiei.

Efectele se văd din primele două săptămâni de administrare

Pentru a prepara leacul părintelui Elefterie, aveți nevoie de următoarele ingrediente:

  • 4g lăptișor de matcă
  • 1kg miere naturală de salcâm
  • 300g polen măcinat
  • 150g tincutră de propolis
  • 200ml ser fiziologic

Toate ingredientele se amestecă într-un recipient de sticlă, cu o lingură de lemn.

Borcanul se închide ermetic şi se păstrează la frigider. Din acest preparat se administrează o lingură dimineaţa şi o lingură seara, pe stomacul gol sau cu ceai.

Cantitatea este suficientă pentru 30 de zile de cură.


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